The Yellow Rose is a century-old Queen Anne Style Victorian. In 2015 I purchased this property, formerly called the Rose of Sherron Bed and Breakfast, from Marge and Bill Sherron. When they purchased the house in 1988, it was a being used as a 2-family rental, but after 2 years of renovations, they transformed it into what is it today, and successfully operated it as a B & B for 25 years.

I saw this property for sale and could hardly wait to go and tour the inside. As soon as we pulled up to the property, I knew it would be the perfect place to make my dream of owning a scrapbooking retreat become reality. I bought the house and all the contents, closed on a Thursday and I was open for my first retreat that weekend.  I have truly enjoyed owning this house and meeting all of my new crafty friends. 

When the house was built in 1887, the octagonal room served as a waiting room for a doctor’s office, which occupied the rest of the rooms along the west side of the building. A “doctor’s bell,” original to the house, is beside the door outside. The parlor was the doctor’s office area, with a set of oak sliding doors closing off the residential area of the house.

The living room and dining room, now used as the crafting areas, are in “nearly original” condition, including the fireplace, ceiling lights, woodwork, china cabinet and decorative windows.

The Pub was constructed during the 1920s and was originally used as a bedroom for the first-floor apartment. The ceiling is new, but the floor and wainscoting are original.  Bill and Marge Sharron had English roots, so they brought the feel of an English Pub all the way back to Galion.  This room now serves as a dining room, where 8 people can be seated together.

The kitchen cabinets were constructed in 1990, made to match the original woodwork around the house. There is a full-size refrigerator with ice maker, electric range, two microwaves, coffee pot and Keurig. There will always be bottled water in the fridge, but feel free to bring your own specialty beverages and food for meals and snacks.  There are also enough dishes for and silverware for at least 12, and small appliances like a crock pot, toaster and waffle maker.

Upstairs you will find 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.  All bedrooms have cable TV and remote-controlled ceiling fans There is no need to adjust the chains on the fan itself. The remote is usually hanging on the light switch but can be removed and used anywhere in the room. The fan will operate at high, medium, and low speeds, with the smallest button turning the fan off. The round button on the remote turns the fan lights on and off. The bedroom windows do not have installed screens, so please keep them shut to keep anything from outside coming in.

The “Yellow Room” used to be the living room for a second-floor apartment. An exterior door with stairs down to the porch was located in the space where you now see your stained-glass window and wall air conditioner. A large adjacent room, used as a kitchen area, was later divided into 2 bathrooms.  The stained-glass window was made by an artist in Crestline, Ohio. The frosted glass around the border, known as glue glass and original to the house, was used as privacy glass in the doctor’s office downstairs.  The “waterfall style” furniture, from the 1930’s, was purchased locally.  This room has a king size bed, a daybed and attached bath with tub and shower.

The Oh Dear! Room was one of the two bedrooms for the second-floor apartment. This room is unique for a Victorian house, since it has a large walk-in closet. This room has a queen-sized bed and a twin.  The wall paper has deer and fox on it, so that is why I call it the Oh Dear room.   There is a bathroom just across the hallway, that has a stand-up shower, and this bath is shared with the “Pink Room”.

The “Pink Room” was part of the large second floor apartment. Across the landing outside, a huge wardrobe occupied most of the floor space, and a wall stretched across the landing, closing off the rest of the second floor. This room didn’t have a closet, as the other bedrooms did, and a once-beautiful, patterned hardwood floor is under the carpet, so the room may have been a study at one time.  I replaced the full-size bed with 2 twin beds and think this is now the “cutest” room in the house!

I call the 4th bedroom the “Cottage Room” as it overlooks the historic Brownella Cottage and has a full-size bed. This room was one of the two bedrooms for the second-floor apartment. It was common in Victorian times to build houses without closets, but this room did have a closet. Luckily, it was possible to open the back wall of this closet to gain entry to the linen room, so your now have a convenient bathroom in this space. The furniture is bird’s eye maple, still in remarkable condition from the 1920s, and was purchased at an auction just a block away.